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About Rainwater Tech™

Technology to Generate and Augment Rainfall

Rainwater Tech™ is dedicated to the mission of maintaining and restoring our precious water ecosystems. With rainfall generation technology, rainfall can be generated in regions that have seen a decline in recent decades, providing additional surface water and supporting the natural processes of aquifer recharge. No chemicals are used in the rainfall generation process.

Chemical-free process

Environmentally friendly

Globally scalable

Rainwater Tech™ is ready to develop, manufacture and commercialize ionization rainfall generation technology

First commercial ionization rainfall generation solution

Boosts rainfall potential through ionization-based platform

Mimics nature to generate rainfall

Focuses on drought areas

How Ionization Technology Generates Rainfall

Rainwatertech - How Ionization Technology Generates Rainfall
The image in the bottom right is a product rendering used for illustrative purposes only.

The rainfall generation platform ionizes the surrounding air – similar to how air purifiers work. The wind carries the charged particles into the cloud layer. On a cloudy day, when cloud condensation nuclei collide inside a cloud to form water droplets, the introduction of the charged particles increases the rate of those collisions, forming heavy rain droplets faster. And that makes more rainfall from the sky.

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Our expected network of rain generation devices will be monitored around the clock, and when weather conditions are right, they will be activated to work with nature to increase rainfall. Rainwater Tech™ intends to develop and improve software and machine learning control systems to report on how much additional water has fallen by region where systems will be installed.

Intended Customers

  • For governments, large properties, builders, and municipalities: we will partner to increase surface water availability requiring no chemical pollutants
  • For Corporate ESG Managers and Non-Profits: we will support effective technology for water sustainability

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